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EIP / TitleAuthors
EIP-1153: Transient storage opcodesAlexey Akhunov, Moody Salem


EIP / TitleAuthors
EIP-2: Homestead Hard-fork ChangesVitalik Buterin
EIP-5: Gas Usage for `RETURN` and `CALL*`Christian Reitwiessner
EIP-7: DELEGATECALLVitalik Buterin
EIP-100: Change difficulty adjustment to target mean block time including unclesVitalik Buterin
EIP-140: REVERT instructionAlex Beregszaszi, Nikolai Mushegian
EIP-141: Designated invalid EVM instructionAlex Beregszaszi
EIP-145: Bitwise shifting instructions in EVMAlex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica
EIP-150: Gas cost changes for IO-heavy operationsVitalik Buterin
EIP-152: Add BLAKE2 compression function `F` precompileTjaden Hess, Matt Luongo, Piotr Dyraga, James Hancock
EIP-155: Simple replay attack protectionVitalik Buterin
EIP-158: State clearingVitalik Buterin
EIP-160: EXP cost increaseVitalik Buterin
EIP-161: State trie clearing (invariant-preserving alternative)Gavin Wood
EIP-170: Contract code size limitVitalik Buterin
EIP-196: Precompiled contracts for addition and scalar multiplication on the elliptic curve alt_bn128Christian Reitwiessner
EIP-197: Precompiled contracts for optimal ate pairing check on the elliptic curve alt_bn128Vitalik Buterin, Christian Reitwiessner
EIP-198: Big integer modular exponentiationVitalik Buterin
EIP-211: New opcodes: RETURNDATASIZE and RETURNDATACOPYChristian Reitwiessner
EIP-214: New opcode STATICCALLVitalik Buterin, Christian Reitwiessner
EIP-225: Clique proof-of-authority consensus protocolPéter Szilágyi
EIP-649: Metropolis Difficulty Bomb Delay and Block Reward ReductionAfri Schoedon, Vitalik Buterin
EIP-658: Embedding transaction status code in receiptsNick Johnson
EIP-684: Revert creation in case of collisionVitalik Buterin, Renan Rodrigues de Souza
EIP-1014: Skinny CREATE2Vitalik Buterin
EIP-1052: EXTCODEHASH opcodeNick Johnson, Paweł Bylica
EIP-1108: Reduce alt_bn128 precompile gas costsAntonio Salazar Cardozo, Zachary Williamson
EIP-1234: Constantinople Difficulty Bomb Delay and Block Reward AdjustmentAfri Schoedon
EIP-1283: Net gas metering for SSTORE without dirty mapsWei Tang
EIP-1344: ChainID opcodeRichard Meissner, Bryant Eisenbach
EIP-1559: Fee market change for ETH 1.0 chainVitalik Buterin, Eric Conner, Rick Dudley, Matthew Slipper, Ian Norden, Abdelhamid Bakhta
EIP-1884: Repricing for trie-size-dependent opcodesMartin Holst Swende
EIP-2028: Transaction data gas cost reductionAlexey Akhunov, Eli Ben Sasson, Tom Brand, Louis Guthmann, Avihu Levy
EIP-2200: Structured Definitions for Net Gas MeteringWei Tang
EIP-2384: Muir Glacier Difficulty Bomb DelayEric Conner
EIP-2565: ModExp Gas CostKelly Olson, Sean Gulley, Simon Peffers, Justin Drake, Dankrad Feist
EIP-2681: Limit account nonce to 2^64-1Alex Beregszaszi
EIP-2718: Typed Transaction EnvelopeMicah Zoltu
EIP-2929: Gas cost increases for state access opcodesVitalik Buterin, Martin Swende
EIP-2930: Optional access listsVitalik Buterin, Martin Swende
EIP-3198: BASEFEE opcodeAbdelhamid Bakhta, Vitalik Buterin
EIP-3529: Reduction in refundsVitalik Buterin, Martin Swende
EIP-3541: Reject new contract code starting with the 0xEF byteAlex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica, Andrei Maiboroda, Alexey Akhunov, Christian Reitwiessner, Martin Swende
EIP-3554: Difficulty Bomb Delay to December 2021James Hancock
EIP-3607: Reject transactions from senders with deployed codeDankrad Feist, Dmitry Khovratovich, Marius van der Wijden
EIP-3651: Warm COINBASEWilliam Morriss
EIP-3675: Upgrade consensus to Proof-of-StakeMikhail Kalinin, Danny Ryan, Vitalik Buterin
EIP-3855: PUSH0 instructionAlex Beregszaszi, Hugo De la cruz, Paweł Bylica
EIP-3860: Limit and meter initcodeMartin Holst Swende, Paweł Bylica, Alex Beregszaszi, Andrei Maiboroda
EIP-4345: Difficulty Bomb Delay to June 2022Tim Beiko, James Hancock, Thomas Jay Rush
EIP-4399: Supplant DIFFICULTY opcode with PREVRANDAOMikhail Kalinin, Danny Ryan
EIP-4895: Beacon chain push withdrawals as operationsAlex Stokes, Danny Ryan
EIP-5133: Delaying Difficulty Bomb to mid-September 2022Tomasz Kajetan Stanczak, Eric Marti Haynes, Josh Klopfenstein, Abhimanyu Nag


EIP / TitleAuthors
EIP-663: Unlimited SWAP and DUP instructionsAlex Beregszaszi
EIP-3540: EOF - EVM Object Format v1Alex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica, Andrei Maiboroda, Matt Garnett
EIP-3670: EOF - Code ValidationAlex Beregszaszi, Andrei Maiboroda, Paweł Bylica
EIP-4200: EOF - Static relative jumpsAlex Beregszaszi, Andrei Maiboroda, Paweł Bylica
EIP-4750: EOF - FunctionsAndrei Maiboroda, Alex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica
EIP-4844: Shard Blob TransactionsVitalik Buterin, Dankrad Feist, Diederik Loerakker, George Kadianakis, Matt Garnett, Mofi Taiwo, Ansgar Dietrichs
EIP-5450: EOF - Stack ValidationAndrei Maiboroda, Paweł Bylica, Alex Beregszaszi, Danno Ferrin
EIP-5656: MCOPY - Memory copying instructionAlex Beregszaszi, Paul Dworzanski, Jared Wasinger, Casey Detrio, Pawel Bylica, Charles Cooper
EIP-5920: PAY opcodeGavin John, Zainan Victor Zhou
EIP-6188: Nonce CapGavin John
EIP-6189: Alias ContractsGavin John
EIP-7044: Perpetually Valid Signed Voluntary ExitsLion
EIP-7045: Increase max attestation inclusion slotDanny Ryan
EIP-7212: Precompiled for secp256r1 Curve SupportUlaş Erdoğan, Doğan Alpaslan, DC Posch, Nalin Bhardwaj
EIP-7495: SSZ StableContainerEtan Kissling
EIP-7503: Zero-Knowledge WormholesKeyvan Kambakhsh, Hamid Bateni, Amir Kahoori, Nobitex Labs
EIP-7514: Add Max Epoch Churn Limitdapplion, Tim Beiko


EIP / TitleAuthors
EIP-2539: BLS12-377 curve operationsAlex Vlasov, hujw77
EIP-3026: BW6-761 curve operationsYoussef El Housni, Michael Connor, Aurore Guillevic, hujw77
EIP-3102: Binary trie structureGuillaume Ballet, Vitalik Buterin
EIP-3455: SUDO OpcodeWilliam Morriss, Baptiste Vauthey
EIP-4788: Beacon block root in the EVMAlex Stokes, Ansgar Dietrichs, Danny Ryan, Martin Holst Swende, lightclient
EIP-5000: MULDIV instructionHarikrishnan Mulackal, Alex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica
EIP-5806: Delegate transactionHadrien Croubois
EIP-6046: Replace SELFDESTRUCT with DEACTIVATEAlex Beregszaszi
EIP-6110: Supply validator deposits on chainMikhail Kalinin, Danny Ryan, Peter Davies
EIP-6206: EOF - JUMPF and non-returning functionsAndrei Maiboroda, Alex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica, Matt Garnett
EIP-6404: SSZ Transactions RootEtan Kissling, Vitalik Buterin
EIP-6465: SSZ Withdrawals RootEtan Kissling, Mikhail Kalinin
EIP-6466: SSZ Receipts RootEtan Kissling, Vitalik Buterin
EIP-6475: SSZ OptionalEtan Kissling, Zahary Karadjov
EIP-6493: SSZ Transaction Signature SchemeEtan Kissling, Matt Garnett, Vitalik Buterin
EIP-6690: EVM Modular Arithmetic Extensions (EVMMAX)Jared Wasinger, Alex Beregszaszi
EIP-6780: SELFDESTRUCT only in same transactionGuillaume Ballet, Vitalik Buterin, Dankrad Feist
EIP-6800: Ethereum state using a unified verkle treeVitalik Buterin, Dankrad Feist, Kevaundray Wedderburn, Guillaume Ballet, Piper Merriam, Gottfried Herold
EIP-6810: Ex Post Facto Cascading RevertWilliam Morriss
EIP-6811: To The Moon—10 Minute BlocksPandapip1
EIP-6873: Preimage retentionGuillaume Ballet
EIP-6888: Math checking in EVMRenan Rodrigues de Souza
EIP-6913: SETCODE instructionWilliam Morriss
EIP-6914: Reuse Withdrawn Validator IndicesLion, Danny Ryan
EIP-6916: Automatically Reset TesnetMário Havel, pk910, Rémy Roy
EIP-6968: Contract Secured Revenue on an EVM based L2Zak Cole, Zak Cole, Kevin Owocki, lightclient
EIP-6988: Elected block proposer has not been slashedMikhail Kalinin
EIP-7002: Execution layer triggerable exitsDanny Ryan, Mikhail Kalinin, Ansgar Dietrichs, Hsiao-Wei Wang
EIP-7069: Revamped CALL instructionsAlex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica, Danno Ferrin, Andrei Maiboroda
EIP-7251: Increase the MAX_EFFECTIVE_BALANCEmike, Francesco, dapplion, Mikhail, Aditya, Justin
EIP-7266: Remove BLAKE2 compression precompilePascal Caversaccio
EIP-7377: Migration Transactionlightclient, Sam Wilson, Ansgar Dietrichs
EIP-7378: Add time-weighted averaging to the base feeGuy Goren
EIP-7441: Upgrade block proposer election to WhiskGeorge Kadianakis, Justin Drake, dapplion
EIP-7480: EOF - Data section access instructionsAndrei Maiboroda, Alex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica
EIP-7516: BLOBBASEFEE opcodeCarl Beekhuizen
EIP-7519: Atomic Storage Operations SCREDIT and SDEBITDanno Ferrin
EIP-7523: Empty accounts deprecationPeter Davies


EIP / TitleAuthors
EIP-3: Addition of CALLDEPTH opcodeMartin Holst Swende
EIP-908: Reward clients for a sustainable networkJames Ray, Micah Zoltu
EIP-999: Restore Contract Code at 0x863DF6BFa4469f3ead0bE8f9F2AAE51c91A907b4Afri Schoedon
EIP-1240: Remove Difficulty BombMicah Zoltu
EIP-1355: Ethash 1aPaweł Bylica, Jean M. Cyr
EIP-1682: Storage RentFelix J Lange, Martin Holst Swende
EIP-1706: Disable SSTORE with gasleft lower than call stipendAlex Forshtat, Yoav Weiss
EIP-1890: Commitment to Sustainable Ecosystem FundingGregory Markou, Kevin Owocki, Lane Rettig
EIP-2025: Block Rewards Proposal for funding Eth1.xJames Hancock
EIP-2315: Simple Subroutines for the EVMGreg Colvin, Martin Holst Swende, Brooklyn Zelenka, John Max Skaller
EIP-2677: Limit size of `initcode`Martin Holst Swende, Paweł Bylica, Alex Beregszaszi
EIP-2711: Sponsored, expiring and batch transactions.Micah Zoltu
EIP-2733: Transaction PackageMatt Garnett
EIP-2780: Reduce intrinsic transaction gasMatt Garnett, Uri Klarman
EIP-2972: Wrapped Legacy TransactionsMicah Zoltu
EIP-3332: MEDGASPRICE OpcodeJustice Hudson
EIP-3338: Limit account nonce to 2^52Micah Zoltu, Alex Beregszaszi
EIP-3374: Predictable Proof-of-Work (POW) SunsettingQuery0x
EIP-3382: Hardcoded Block Gas LimitPhilippe Castonguay
EIP-3779: Safer Control Flow for the EVMGreg Colvin, Greg Colvin, Brooklyn Zelenka


EIP / TitleAuthors
EIP-86: Abstraction of transaction origin and signatureVitalik Buterin
EIP-101: Serenity Currency and Crypto AbstractionVitalik Buterin
EIP-210: Blockhash refactoringVitalik Buterin
EIP-615: Subroutines and Static Jumps for the EVMGreg Colvin, Brooklyn Zelenka, Paweł Bylica, Christian Reitwiessner
EIP-616: SIMD Operations for the EVMGreg Colvin
EIP-665: Add precompiled contract for Ed25519 signature verificationTobias Oberstein
EIP-689: Address Collision of Contract Address Causes Exceptional HaltYoichi Hirai
EIP-858: Reduce block reward and delay difficulty bombCarl Larson
EIP-969: Modifications to ethash to invalidate existing dedicated hardware implementationsDavid Stanfill
EIP-1010: Uniformity Between 0xAb5801a7D398351b8bE11C439e05C5B3259aeC9B and 0x15E55EF43efA8348dDaeAa455F16C43B64917e3cAnderson Wesley
EIP-1011: Hybrid Casper FFGDanny Ryan, Chih-Cheng Liang
EIP-1015: Configurable On Chain IssuanceAlex Van de Sande
EIP-1051: Overflow checking for the EVMNick Johnson
EIP-1057: ProgPoW, a Programmatic Proof-of-WorkGreg Colvin, Andrea Lanfranchi, Michael Carter, IfDefElse
EIP-1087: Net gas metering for SSTORE operationsNick Johnson
EIP-1109: PRECOMPILEDCALL opcode (Remove CALL costs for precompiled contracts)Jordi Baylina
EIP-1227: Defuse Difficulty Bomb and Reset Block RewardSmeargleUsedFly
EIP-1276: Eliminate Difficulty Bomb and Adjust Block Reward on Constantinople ShiftEOS Classic
EIP-1285: Increase Gcallstipend gas in the CALL opcodeBen Kaufman, Adam Levi
EIP-1295: Modify Ethereum PoW Incentive Structure and Delay Difficulty BombBrian Venturo
EIP-1352: Specify restricted address range for precompiles/system contractsAlex Beregszaszi
EIP-1380: Reduced gas cost for call to selfAlex Beregszaszi, Jacques Wagener
EIP-1418: Blockchain Storage Rent PaymentWilliam Entriken
EIP-1482: Define a maximum block timestamp driftMaurelian
EIP-1485: TEthashV1trustfarm, trustfarm
EIP-1681: Temporal Replay ProtectionMartin Holst Swende
EIP-1702: Generalized Account Versioning SchemeWei Tang
EIP-1829: Precompile for Elliptic Curve Linear CombinationsRemco Bloemen
EIP-1895: Support for an Elliptic Curve CycleAlexandre Belling
EIP-1930: CALLs with strict gas semantic. Revert if not enough gas available.Ronan Sandford
EIP-1959: New Opcode to check if a chainID is part of the history of chainIDsRonan Sandford
EIP-1962: EC arithmetic and pairings with runtime definitionsAlex Vlasov
EIP-1965: Method to check if a chainID is valid at a specific block NumberRonan Sandford
EIP-1985: Sane limits for certain EVM parametersAlex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica
EIP-2014: Extended State OracleAlex Beregszaszi
EIP-2026: State Rent H - Fixed Prepayment for accountsAlexey Akhunov
EIP-2027: State Rent C - Net contract size accountingAlexey Akhunov
EIP-2029: State Rent A - State counters contractAlexey Akhunov
EIP-2031: State Rent B - Net transaction counterAlexey Akhunov
EIP-2035: Stateless Clients - Repricing SLOAD and SSTORE to pay for block proofsAlexey Akhunov
EIP-2045: Particle gas costs for EVM opcodesCasey Detrio, Alex Beregszaszi
EIP-2046: Reduced gas cost for static calls made to precompilesAlex Beregszaszi
EIP-2242: Transaction PostdataJohn Adler
EIP-2294: Explicit bound to Chain ID sizeZainan Victor Zhou, Alex Beregszaszi
EIP-2327: BEGINDATA opcodeMartin Lundfall
EIP-2330: EXTSLOAD opcodeDominic Letz, Santiago Palladino
EIP-2474: Coinbase callsRicardo Guilherme Schmidt
EIP-2488: Deprecate the CALLCODE opcodeAlex Beregszaszi
EIP-2515: Implement Difficulty FreezeJames Hancock
EIP-2537: Precompile for BLS12-381 curve operationsAlex Vlasov, Kelly Olson, Alex Stokes
EIP-2542: New opcodes TXGASLIMIT and CALLGASLIMITAlex Forshtat
EIP-2583: Penalty for account trie missesMartin Holst Swende
EIP-2584: Trie format transition with overlay treesGuillaume Ballet
EIP-2593: Escalator fee market change for ETH 1.0 chainDan Finlay
EIP-2666: Repricing of precompiles and Keccak256 functionAlex Vlasov
EIP-2803: Rich TransactionsMicah Zoltu
EIP-2926: Chunk-Based Code MerkleizationSina Mahmoodi, Alex Beregszaszi
EIP-2935: Save historical block hashes in stateVitalik Buterin, Tomasz Stanczak
EIP-2936: EXTCLEAR Opcode For SELFDESTRUCTed contractsWilliam Morriss
EIP-2937: SET_INDESTRUCTIBLE opcodeVitalik Buterin
EIP-2938: Account AbstractionVitalik Buterin, Ansgar Dietrichs, Matt Garnett, Will Villanueva, Sam Wilson
EIP-2970: IS_STATIC opcodeVitalik Buterin
EIP-2997: IMPERSONATECALL OpcodeSergio Demian Lerner
EIP-3068: Precompile for BN256 HashToCurve AlgorithmsDr. Christopher Gorman
EIP-3074: AUTH and AUTHCALL opcodesSam Wilson, Ansgar Dietrichs, Matt Garnett, Micah Zoltu
EIP-3143: Increase block rewards to 5 ETHBen Tinner
EIP-3220: Crosschain Identifier SpecificationWeijia Zhang, Peter Robinson
EIP-3238: Difficulty Bomb Delay to Q2/2022Afri Schoedon
EIP-3267: Giving Ethereum fees to Future SalariesVictor Porton, Victor Porton
EIP-3298: Removal of refundsVitalik Buterin, Martin Swende
EIP-3300: Phase out refundsWilliam Morriss
EIP-3322: Account gas storage opcodesWilliam Morriss
EIP-3336: Paged memory allocation for the EVMNick Johnson
EIP-3337: Frame pointer support for memory load and store operationsNick Johnson
EIP-3368: Increase block rewards to 3 ETH, with 2 Year Decay to 1 ETH ScheduledMichael D. Carter
EIP-3372: 5 FNV primes for ethashmineruniter969, mineruniter969
EIP-3403: Partial removal of refundsVitalik Buterin, Martin Swende
EIP-3416: Median Gas PremiumHexZorro, Mojtaba Tefagh
EIP-3436: Expanded Clique Block Choice RuleDanno Ferrin
EIP-3508: Transaction Data OpcodesAlex Papageorgiou
EIP-3520: Transaction Destination OpcodeAlex Papageorgiou
EIP-3521: Reduce access list costMatt Garnett
EIP-3534: Restricted Chain Context Type TransactionsIsaac Ardis
EIP-3584: Block Access ListGajinder Singh, Piper Merriam
EIP-3690: EOF - JUMPDEST TableAlex Beregszaszi, Paweł Bylica, Andrei Maiboroda
EIP-3756: Gas Limit Caplightclient
EIP-3788: Strict enforcement of chainIdGregory Markou
EIP-3978: Gas refunds on revertsAnton Bukov, Mikhail Melnik
EIP-4396: Time-Aware Base Fee CalculationAnsgar Dietrichs
EIP-4488: Transaction calldata gas cost reduction with total calldata limitVitalik Buterin, Ansgar Dietrichs
EIP-4520: Multi-byte opcodes prefixed by EB and EC.Brayton Goodall, Mihir Faujdar
EIP-4573: Procedures for the EVMGreg Colvin, Greg Colvin
EIP-4747: Simplify EIP-161Peter Davies
EIP-4758: Deactivate SELFDESTRUCTGuillaume Ballet, Vitalik Buterin, Dankrad Feist
EIP-4760: SELFDESTRUCT bombGuillaume Ballet, Vitalik Buterin, Dankrad Feist
EIP-4762: Statelessness gas cost changesGuillaume Ballet, Vitalik Buterin, Dankrad Feist
EIP-4803: Limit transaction gas to a maximum of 2^63-1Alex Beregszaszi
EIP-4863: Beacon chain push withdrawalsAlex Stokes, Danny Ryan
EIP-5003: Insert Code into EOAs with AUTHUSURPDan Finlay, Sam Wilson
EIP-5022: Increase price of SSTORE from zero to non-zero to 40k gasGreen
EIP-5027: Remove the limit on contract code sizeQi Zhou
EIP-5065: Instruction for transferring etherMudit Gupta
EIP-5081: Expirable TrainsactionZainan Victor Zhou, Nick Johnson, Konrad Feldmeier
EIP-5283: Semaphore for Reentrancy ProtectionSergio D. Lerner
EIP-5478: CREATE2COPY OpcodeQi Zhou
EIP-5988: Add Poseidon hash function precompileAbdelhamid Bakhta, Eli Ben Sasson, Avihu Levy, David Levit Gurevich
EIP-6190: Verkle-compatible SELFDESTRUCTGavin John